Around JP Gaultier and a High Heeled Boot (Gaultier Stories 1)

JP Gaultier is not only one of the most innovative fashion designers ever. He is also a great inspiror.
There is already told much about him. So I 'll try keep it short here, and will light out a funny and coincidental story around him.

In 1991 i was asked by the Italian magazine Moda to do a series of pictures on JP Gaultier and some other leading fashion designers of those days.
The Gaultier clothes had inspired me mostly in that series, I had shot some Gaultier Clothes for Lei magazine under Franca Sozzani before (1989). The clothes were always fun, different from all the other fashion, and very different from the more classic Italian style! But the Gaultier designes were not easy to photograph!
I'd met JP sometimes in the Milanese discothec Plastic, a nice guy, always good-mooded and a very social person. The fact that we went to the same disco encouraged me for the fashion series to do. Let's go wild I thought! Lets mix the disco night feeling with fashion. So I decided to do my mix of photography and the fashion illustration the way I did for Vanity magazine some years before.
The photographed model shapes were brought into extremes by cut out collage, and the heels of the boots became more curvy by drawning.
From the Edland Man/Valsecchi series with Sveta Sotnikova  (all rights reserved)
(all rights reserved)
(all rights reserved)

About 25 years after, one of my favorite models and good friend Sveta Sotnikova told me that she discovered that one of her best friends, Simone Valsecchi who helped her with her career to become a fashion designer, had been inspired to become fashion designer himself, after he had seen a series of picturers with JP Gaultier clothes in Moda magazine somewhere in the biginning of the ninethees.

It's a small world, yes indeed!
(all rights reserved)
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Edland Man JP Gaultier in Envelope mag.

Sveta arranged a meeting with Simone Valsecchi and me.

Simone got not only inspired of the fantastic JP Gaultier clothes, but he also loved the high heels boots on the pics in Moda. After Simone had finished his studies of Arte all'accademia di belle arti di Brera, he managed to start working together with JP Gaultier!

The Boot designed after my collages series.

And one of his designs for JP Gaultier was the boot, with the same silhouette like in the Moda mag. series!
Simone explaned me that heels like that were pretty difficult to realise. "La satoria" the high class fashion and costume maker had big difficulties to shape the heel in a stable way.
(all rights reserved)

Simone and me decided in 2012 to realize a Gaultier vintage photo series. Simone is the owner of collections of many vintage classic fashion designes. And of course the Gaultier classics made a big part in that.
The team for the shooting was made quickly. Who else than our common friend Sveta had to become the model!
Silvia del Orto made the team complete with her make-up and hair masterworks.

When the JP Gaultier exhibition visited the Netherlands, in de Kunsthal Rotterdam we made part of it with 4 pictures of our series and 2 pictures of my 1980-1990 series!
The JP Gaultier exhibition at Kunsthal Rotterdam Netherlands

In March 3th. 2015 the new JP Gaultier Grand Palais book was presented during the JP Gaultier exhibition at the Grand Palais took place.
Jean Paul Gaultier and Edland Man at the Grand Palais. photo by Gus Drake
The JP Gaultier Grand Palais book
The JP Gaultier Grand Palais opening night Paris
Jean Paul Gaultier and Edland Man photo by Gus Drake
Photographer/model Gus Drake and Simone Valsecchi
Kylie Minogue and Djanis Bouzyani & Ali Mahdavi

Soon more pics of the exhibition opening will come........!
Preview from the Gaultier Uomo Series with Simone Valsecchi and Gus drake
Yvette Horner and Pierre Gayte

With Violeta Sanchez

Catherine Deneuveand JP Gaultier

Christine Bergstrom
Kylie Minogue and Djanis Bouzyani & Ali Mahdavi

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