The Robeco Summer Nights Music festival posters. The Making of. With NEPCO studio


 The Robeco Summer Nights 2014 at Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam posters and image  show three music artists.
In their background on the posters, you can find a Muse, as their inspirer.

The dress, that also became the background of the photo’s and Muse herself was made by the artists of Nepco.
In 2010 Nepco asked to create a series of photos of their “The Amazone Army”.
All “amazons” were dressed in neophreen dresses in organic shapes created by the Nepco artists.
And that series of photos became the inspiration for the Robeco Summer Nights campaign designed by the creatives of Lemonscentedtea.
Dominic Seldis (all rights reserved)
(all rights reserved)
Berget Lewis (all rights reserved)
Benjamin Herman (all rights reserved)