Amsterdam Fashionweek July 2017 Dennis Diem Show (Part 1 backstage and rehearsal)

Dennis Diem surprised last year with his extravagant show. A show against all the nowadays fashion rules. And that made him a very welcome participant at the Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017!
The question was, can he do it again!?
His designs are rather traditional high class fashion, slightly linked to the fetish scene. 
His skills are, above all, to create a team around his personal inspirations.
The dresses combined with the Bas Verdonk jewelry make part of the show.
The third part is, how to get the show special.
This time there was Margriet Planting, known from Zazi to complete the performance.
All together a very welcome (funny enough almost traditional) visual show on a platform where innovative fashion trends lead.
Yes, he did it again!