Moschino and the "Ten Years of Kaos" Fashion Show 1993
Pat Cleveland as Olive by Edland Man (all rights reserved)

Franco Moschino did his 10 years of Kaos show in 1993. This is one of the pictures taken from that historic show. Pat Cleveland dressed in the Olive Popeye dress. And yes, she made the show great, like she always did! Italian Moda magazine showed an other version of the here above shown picture in a series of fake fashion covers of international fashion magazines. (We will show that one later on the pages). And there the Kaos starts over. ;)
The fake magazine cover got great. In the deck of Edland man Fashion Playcards (1993) there were also some versions of the Kaos show, and also the ones with Pat Cleveland as Olive shown.
After Franco Moschino died, and when the company was taken over, there came out some new versions of the "Olive" with other models.
In 2017 Dutch Vogue showed a new version of the Moschino Olive.
And with Pat Cleveland! They were shot by well respected photographer Marc de Groot this time.