Winter in Amsterdam 2018 Living with Waters
The Dutch are rather funny people. They get warm when it's getting cold.
They have since ages struggled against the water. They more or less tamed it. Turned seas into lands. And used the waters to transport goods. Made mills that work on streaming water and built dikes to lead the water streams. But the waters remain unpredictable.
Is it that, why the Dutch enjoy those very few moments, when the waters get stiff, powerless, almost helpless..... in it's frozen state, so much?
On that moment, the domination gets it's maximum of joy! ; )
They sharpen their icescates, get their sleds and they party on ice with warm drinks and soups, organize tours, and they all feel very very Dutch indeed. With the new Dutch included! : )

I've posted many of the pics on Facebook already, here are they again, with some extra's.