"Milano Brutta sporca e ti Amo" The Movie


“A Journey Through Milano”.

 As a dedication to the city in which I have lived and worked for many years I decided in 2011 to photograph the city in a photography documentation.

In the 15 years I'd lived permanently in Milan 1985-2001, I traveled the city on a extra large Dutch Bicycle. I decided to make my “ Journey through the past” in the same way. So 90 % of the shots were literally taken from my bicycle. In this way, I found back some particular places, but also discovered many unknown angles. As the city was working during my project, on a huge city developing project, a make over of The Central Station, Zona Porta Garibaldi, Le tre Torre etc. I had the chance to also witness that!

Milano had become more bicycle friendly in the years of my project. And I was pleased to read that The Netherlands, and specialy Groningen, the Dutch city where I grew up and studied, had been an example for the Milano cycle roads. although in Milan, bicycle roads still have funny tracks. They start- or stop unexpected, and the curves of 90 degrees are hard to take. ;)

I decided to photograph Milano by I Phone, instead of my professional camera’s. In that way I could easily shoot during my work trips trough and around the city.

The project became a three year story!
During the first year (2011)  I shot the four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In the year after (2012)  I pictured also the lifestyles in Milano, and in the years (2013-2014) I pictured the new urban developments.

The entire series consists about 3000 pictures!

During the Salone del mobile in 2012 the video was featured  by SIDE magazine at the Rosa Grand Hotel. (Piazza Fontana, 3, 20122 Milano MI, Italy)
And in the same period there was an exhibition in Tallulah Gallery.

Edland Man

Here are links to the movie on YouTube and some Milan Photo stories on this blog: